The Hardest Soil

YSometimes the biggest miracles grow in the hardest soil. They grow usually on the other side of a river of tears.

When we finally get to a point where we are at the end our ourselves, the end of our rope, is when miracles have the chance to change us in unexpected ways and do some of their biggest work.

Honestly, how many times have you felt that way? Over, and over and over? Each time, did you feel like you had reached your limit, yet something inside you pressed on? Persevered? Am I the only one?

There have been moments in my life where I thought I could not take one more test of my strength and resolve, yet I pressed on, knowing it would also not be the last. Knowing I would live to endure another moment of complete surrender again and again and again.

We are not meant to give up. We were created with something inside of us that always wants to press on. Sure, all of us have moments where we are overwhelmed and in need of a moment to recuperate. We all need times to step back and take a deep breath.

But thank goodness we do press on. Thankfully there is that voice inside us driving us to persevere and press on. To not give up and to keep going. God knows what we need when we reach our lowest points. Perhaps we need water, or sunshine, or a kind look from a passerby. Perhaps we need a reassuring phone call from a friend.

I know there have been times in my life where I needed someone with skin on. Someone to give me a hug or reassure me in some way so that moment of trepidation would pass.

Perhaps we need a walk in the forest. Nature gives freely to us what sometimes we cannot do for ourselves. The earth grounds us and keeps us tethered to her rejuvenating energy force. When heartache arises, a walk with nature can cure most ills or at least give us a new perspective.

But why is it our resolve is tested? Why does the universe try us over and over? The Bible says, “For consider it joy, when you encounter these trials, knowing that the testing of your faith will yield endurance, and let that endurance have its perfect resolve. That you may be perfect and complete and lacking in nothing.” KJV

4 thoughts on “The Hardest Soil

  1. Thanks Diane! I’m not really feeling this way at the moment, but I know all of us do feel this way at times. I personally believe it is good when we share our feelings with other so none of us feel alone. Thanks for the virtual hug! Xoxo


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