Meet Lynette Jensen, new President of Cuchara Hermosa

As your newly elected President, I would like to introduce myself so you will get to know me better.

I was born and raised in Houston, Lubbock and San Antonio and spent 35 years in Fort Worth raising my two children, Dane and Abee.

I was a Realtor in Texas for 16 years before retiring and moving to Cuchara full time last September. Abee lives in Denver and is a stay at home mom, and Dane lives in Los Angeles and works in the movie industry.

I started coming to Cuchara when Dane was 5 years old, in 1991. We were taking a family road trip to Colorado and with a 5 year old you make lots of stops. We decided to get off the interstate and take the scenic route down Hwy 12 and the rest is history! We drove by the parkway, stopped, pulled in and stayed 3 days at the Inn. Dane caught his first fish at Yellow Pine!

Abee, me and Dane hiking at Bear Lake

My daughter, Abee married her high school sweetheart, Jamie Bittle in 2019. Jamie has a locally, sort of famous, YouTube video when he hiked up the ski mountain at the Cuchara Mountain Park and snowboarded down. If you haven’t seen it, take a gander here. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

See Jamie’s video here:

Mr. And Mrs. Jamie and Abee Bittle
Jamie, Abee and brother Dane hiking near Malibu, CA

My hobbies include hiking, painting and being a dog mom. I have two Australian Silky Terriers, Addison and Adler. Addison is 6 years old and finished AKC Champion. Adler is 9 months old and has been to his first dog show and did extremely well. I’ll be showing him again in the fall.

Addison at the New Mexico Toy Group show
Addison and Adler hiking the Dikes Trail in Cuchara

Last October, Abee and Jamie had their first child, Atticus James Bittle and he is just the cutest and sweetest thing on the planet. I love it that I live so close to them and can see him often. My grandma name is YaYa.

YaYa and Atticus

I have a huge love for community service and Volunteerism. I was an active member of the Junior League of Fort Worth and retired as Community VP in 2005 when I began my real estate business. I created and chaired the Betty Lynn Buckley Awards which is an award show for high school theater students in Tarrant County.

I also created and chaired an Art Therapy program at Cook Children’s Medical Center. I served on the Mayor’s Commission for Woman, the Mimir Music Festival and Casa Manana Musicals. I was Litterbug Lucy for Clean City Fort Worth, an outreach project against littering for 3rd grade students in Fort Worth ISD. Additionally, I also served on the board of the Tarrant County Food Bank and Santa Fe Youth Organization.

Currently, I am on the Huerfano County Tourism Board and Corresponding Secretary for the Cuchara Foundation which raised money for the county to purchase the mountain park.

Last, but not least, I studied art in college, and even though I never finished, I have spent 30 years doing abstract hearts and flowers.

I am delighted to serve as your next President. Next summer we are going to change some things up a bit, and instead of doing 3 luncheons, we will probably do an Orphan Art Show with donated art pieces from members of the community. We are also thinking of doing a happy hour or 2, a cookout, an ice cream social, a baking class and mushrooming. We have more ideas than we have time for next summer, so if there is something you’d like to help host, let me know and we will be happy to consider it!

4 thoughts on “Meet Lynette Jensen, new President of Cuchara Hermosa

  1. Congrats on your presidency! I’m proud of you being so active in your new setting. It didn’t take you long!


  2. So very happy to have your leading the group. I am expecting great things from Hermosa with you as the President. Life is good in the mountains!


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