Binding The Broken Pieces

My maiden name was, “Sheaves”. What are Sheaves? They are bundles you bind together that would have been overlooked or forgotten after the harvest. Generally, they are sheaves of wheat, gathered in the field after the harvest.

The Bible talks about Sheaves in Psalm 126:6. It states, “He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, he shall come rejoicing, bringing in the Sheaves”.

December is the month of Bringing in the Sheaves. The harvest is done, the seed stored in the silos. What is left in the fields, needs to be gathered and bound together so no waste is left in the field.

What does this mean?

The ideas God gave you during the year that were left behind as insignificant or unimportant. Maybe the ones you wanted to forget because they caused you pain or made you uncomfortable. I like to call them, my “broken pieces”. Go find those “sheaves”, those things you overlooked. Gather them together, bundle them, and attach them to each other, so that nothing from the last year is wasted. Bring all of the harvest into the storehouse. The universe wants to use those sheaves and to bring you joy and blessings in the year to come!

This past year for me was a year of planning my only daughter’s wedding. It was exciting, exhilarating, exponential and exhausting. I became very emotional about a month away from their wedding day. I realized with all clarity, I was going to have to give up my only daughter. I was going to have to share her. This is my child who took 7.5 years of prayer before she was born. After all, God gave her to me! I just knew she was mine to keep forever.

This was one of my “broken pieces”. I stuffed my emotions to the back, covered them up, buried them and moved on. Now she and her precious husband are one. Now, I can go back and uncover that broken piece of my heart and bind it together with other pieces that perhaps weren’t so painful. In doing so, I bound my sadness to my joy of acquiring a son in law. Of a larger, loving family. My extended family. The man, who will father my grandchildren, and his children after him.

Once my sadness and my joy were bound together, they created a new reality for me. Going forward, this reality now has me headed on a prosperous and joyful new beginning. A new direction with hope and comfort for the future. The destination has now become the journey. A new chapter begins.

This year, before 2019 rolls in, instead of making New Year’s resolutions, concentrate on Bringing in the Sheaves. The year is not over. You still have time to go collect all those little nuggets, you thought were broken and worthless. Sharing is never worthless, and loving is always bountiful.

Try it!

I think you will find, you saved the best for last!

Bring in the Sheaves and see what magic the Universe has in store!