I Can See Clearly Now!

I am entering 2019 with a vision of 20/20.

I am just now fully recovered from cataract surgery and am seeing 20/20 in all directions. I am entering this new year with but one resolution and that is to commit to my fellow friends and family, and work relationships in more meaningful and personal ways!

I am looking forward to the coming year and I wonder if my new eyes will help me see clearer, spiritually and emotionally. Learning to adjust to new lens in both eyes, because my eye muscles need to learn to expand and contract on their own, without corrective lens. In doing so, I have taken the time to go through old photo albums and scrapbooks. I uncovered some personal cards, nots and letters that I had saved in a “blessings box” over the year, and I sat down to review them for the first time in nearly 20 years.

My Blessings Box is a red paper mache’ box shaped like a heart. Over the years whenever someone has written me a personal note of thanks or contratulations, I have saved it.

Top of Blessings Box

To begin with, it has made me more grateful for those things most take for granted, for instance, the art of the thank you note, birthday or sympathy card. In doing so, I”ve come to believe this practice of a handwritten note may be going out of style. It seems in recent years, there have been less and less of thee mementos that I have collected. It is not the same to get an email “thank you” as it is to get a handwritten note. Emails are too easily deleted, and the card or lettr can be tucked away safely in a time capsule.

One of my most prized handwritten possessions is my grandmother’s Glazed Nuts recipe. She hand wrote it for me when I was visiting her years ago. The sight of her penmanship is precious to me. How I wish I had writing samples of all of my past relatives!

Copy of Mimi’s Glazed Pecans Recipe

So, it is going to be a year of looking back on blessings from others and returning the blessings they gave me in the past. Perhaps, they have recently lost a loved one and need a moment of tenderness. Perhaps they have reached a milestone when it comes to a birthday. Maybe they have just gone through surgery or the birth of a child, or grandchild. Wherever the giver happens to be, I am going to take the time to thank and bless them.

If you have the opportunity to share with a friend or loved one today, how they have made your life better, or inspired you in some way, please take a moment and write it down. Seal it in an envelope. It might just become a time capsule. But, it will always be an indelible stamp on the heart of the recipient.

Be generous with your gratitude. You never know how much someone may feel unappreciated for their hard work and dedication. I had a previous employer send me a heartfelt, sincere thank just recently. I had not worked for him since 1987, 30 years ago. It was almost more touching that he took the time, 30 years later to reflect on what an important part of his career my life had been. I am convinced we do not say thank you enough, however, it is never, never too late!

A properthank you is always a welcome gesture. Make it memorable!

5 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now!

  1. Love it! So glad you got the eye surgery done. Now we need a road trip! Thank you for all your beautiful writing and for your friendship! Linda


  2. Got some of mine written; now need to finish the rest and get them in the mail. Need to make some personal calls, too.
    Thanks for the reminder.


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