Real or Fake?

We live in a crazy, crazy world where Science sometimes goes head to head with Pop Culture. The two often times collide when it comes to how we dress, look, act and find attractive.

Fake news, Fake handbags, fake boobs, fake eyelashes, eyebrows, and on and on and on. Pop Culture says we need more, more, more. It tells us we are inadequate the way God made us. Why? Why do we believe it?

Why have we, as a society, become so consumed into making our bodies something they are not? Why are we not more concerned with healthy skin than we are worried about wrinkles and freckles? No matter how much we spend on botox and facelifts we all eventually, if we live long enough, all wrinkle. And what a priviledge to live a long productive life. It is certainly better than the alternative. No one wants to die young. It is the nature of birth, life and death. So, why is it, we as a society, cannot accept the fact that no one escapes the genetic predisposition to age?

A lot of people blame the current body image trend on the 1950’s doll, Barbie. I see that, but why? Why have we allowed numerous generations to believe that Barbie is the female impersonation of perfection?

Barbie has big boobs an no nipples. Do woman want to get rid of their nipples? I doubt it. Barbie wakes up every morning with perfect eyebrows, eyeliner and lipstick. So we pay a small fortune for false lashes that cause our own lashes to fall out. Even today’s face makeup trends follows the lines of looking like a plastic doll. Can you imagine the shock of the man who wakes up next to this beauty in the morning and he doesn’t recognize her?

What are we afraid of? What is it we are trying to hide cover? Why is it we do not feel comfortable going to the grocery store without full makeup and hair? Why do we run away from the clean, fresh look of healthy skin and freckles?

I struggle with these issues as well. I do a weekly social media video and can only do it right after I have fully apply the day’s makeup. I take great care of my skin. I drink lots and lots of water, I moisture twice a day. But, If you have thinning lips, so what?! It’s better than drawing lips above your lip line with a pencil. Do you think we can’t tell that’s not your real lip? Do we as women really think men like all that makeup? Is that what they want? Are we doing all this for them? To attract a mate? You had beautiful lips before you filled them so full they look like you are going to quack like a duck!

I have stopped doing botox. I got tired of seeing news anchors on TV have absolutely no expression whatsoever on their faces. They can’t frown or smile properly. The only thing that moves are their lips. Because of their lack of expression, to me they look forever sad. Disgusted and disgruntled.

Years ago, when my littles were in grade school, I went to a school presentation where my son was going to be performing on stage. These were the days before cell phone cameras, and I was actually recording him with a camcorder. I had to close one eye and squint into the camera to shoot the video. I had recently had botox to my crows feet. (We used to call them “laugh lines”, why do we now call them “crows feet”?). Anyway, my eyes were frozen to the point I couldn’t squint into the camera and I had to pass the camera off to my husband to take the video.

At least with a few wrinkles and a cocked eyebrow, I know exactly what this woman, with the lollipop in her mouth is thinking. She’s bucking the trend ladies!

We as women have huge clout when it comes to setting trends. What will it take to revolutionize the way we see ourselves. When can we start being beach babes with clean, smooth faces and just a little makeup. I’m not bucking self care and personal hygiene, quite the opposite. I want to be free to walk out of my house and go to the grocery store without having to put on the warpaint! For God’s sake, women have given up doing their hair, and now just pile it in a bun on top of their heads. It looks like they are standing targets with an Apple on their heads just waiting for Adam Tell to take a shot with his bow and arrow.

I’m all for feeling glamorous. I want to feel pretty. I like being attractive, but when did covering up our natural features, and contouring our faces to the point that we have redesigned the natural shape of our faces become the norm?

I worry, the most, that when we wake up in the mornings and look in the mirror at our natural selves, we scorn the way we look rather than appreciate who we are on the inside and on the outside. God does not make mistakes, and He didn’t make one when he made you. Let’s be ourselves ladies. Let’s put on a smile and greet the world with kindness and love, for ourselves first and for others. Let’s look in the mirror and see goodness and be grateful for our natural features. Let’s put a little expression back in our faces so when we are happy others can tell, and when we have reason to be upset, others will know.

Let’s stop covering up, and uncover the true secrets to femininity, the ones we were created with! For God’s sake ladies, let’s stop calling them Crows Feet and not be afraid to show a little laugh lines!

Do we want to be real women, or fake?

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