Do you ever take a walk in the woods and feel like nature is soothing your soul. If the wind and the trees could talk, what would they be saying? How is it that things we cannot see are able to intoxicate our senses just passing by? What magnetic force is it that controls these feelings?

A few years ago, a friend of mine turned me on to a YouTube video of plants singing. Honest to God, a botanist had hooked up an electrical outlet to a plant, in the jungle, and it was emitting wavelengths of sounds. Don’t believe me? Check it out here:

There is so much talk these days about Holistic healing, energy fields, aura’s and grounding to the earth. Believers in these topics know these things exist, but in a 6th sense kind of way. According to Einstein, everything is energy, and energy never dies, it just transforms and transmutes into different kinds of energy. So think about the last time you took a hike, or surrounded yourself with nature. What type of energy wrapped itself around your senses. And how did that transform the different energy frequencies inside your mind and body?

I also saw an experiment with plants that had to do with the water they were fed. One plant received water simply labeled, “love” and the other plant was watered with water labeled, “hate”. The plant watered with hate died. The one watered with love, flourished. Check out the research below at this link.

“Everything that we are and do is fully encompassed in Nature – There are phenomena that we do not yet understand, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t supernatural.”

Nature’s ebb and flow is the antithesis of the world’s busy routine. There is nothing routine about exploring nature and observing rivers, and trees, bugs and mammals that all dwell in nature.

“Who of us could not turn and live with animals and nature? For animals and birds do not sweat and whine about their condition. They do not lay awake in the dark and weep for their sins. Not one of them is dissatisfied with their condition. They are respectable, and happy over the whole earth.” Roy Bedicheck, A Vanishing Frontier

In wildlife it is possible to regain a sense of time that is previously mutilated with florid haste. If we only look, watch and listen to it and watch those things that come from season to season. These things have a way of informing us of our own season and times in our own lives.

Nature is deliberate and in that deliberacy we have the opportunity to find our own natural soul. For Mother Nature never leaves us empty handed.

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