Spring in Colorado

Mother Nature has a way of surprising all of us this time of year. Just when I think I need to mow the grass because it is getting so tall, then this. A good 6” of wet snow overnight.

Of course not every year we are so fortunate as to have all this moisture, but this year seems to be one for the record books, even though this was my first winter in Colorado.

I have been told the birds know when snow is coming. If it’s just a little snow, or rain, for that matter, they will stay in their nests. If it is going to snow all day, or all week, they will forage for seed because they can’t go without eating for any length of time.

I thought it was strange, that with all the sleet and snow this week, the birds were ravenous. They flocked to my feeders in droves.

A few weeks ago, I was grilling. But, I had to shovel a path to get to the grill on my deck. I didn’t think a thing about it until I saw the meme below. I wanted a steady and I didn’t want to stand in wet snow getting my feet wet. If I want to grill, I want to grill, it doesn’t matter if there is 8” of wet snow on my deck, I’m gonna shovel it out of the way!

Spring snowfall is so much wetter than winter snow. It’s not what we call power, it almost comes down from the sky as slush. It’s wet and heavy and difficult to move out of the way. But it is blessed moisture we need after the last few years of drought.

It does look a bit odd though, to see lush green grass peeking through the snow. Seems like a dichotomy. Still, it’s all that moisture that makes the grass so lush. I just wonder when I’m gonna get the chance to mow?

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