Things you should Never Say to Someone Who Lives in Colorado!

Isn’t it always snowing there?

Well, no, it doesn’t always snow here. It doesn’t even snow everyday during the winter. Yes, our area got 242 inches of snow during the ski season, but some areas get more, some less. The snow comes and goes, just like the weather, or the rain. And it is a dry cold. It can be in the 20’s during the days, but in my mind it feels more like 40. It’s definitely not the humid cold you get in Texas and Florida. And there’s always a fire to keep you warm, or possum socks. Yes, possum, they are fantastic!

Doesn’t everyone in Colorado live in the mountains?

Well, it’s nice to live in the mountains, but Denver and Pueblo are prairie or high desert. There are lots of large cities in Colorado, Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, just to name a few. Nice thing is, even if you don’t live in the mountains you can pretty much see the mountains from anywhere. The front range is pretty much visible from all directions!

While hiking is it going to be uphill all the way?

Seriously? Wanna rephrase that question? Well it might be uphill but what goes up must go down.

Are we going to be attacked by wildlife if we go camping?

Well, there is wildlife, isn’t that what you want to see when you are outdoors? But attacked, not unless you sleep with your bacon grease in your tent. Bears love a good snack, but we have black bears in Colorado and they are herbivores, they eat nuts and berries. Keep your groceries in a bear bag and hang it from a rope on the tallest tree. Most wildlife in Colorado don’t see us as food.

Can I get a Budweiser to drink?

What did you say??? Get out of here right now!

You only live in Colorado because marijuana is legal, right?

Seriously neighbors, those are loads of us who don’t use weed. Trust me, there are thousands of reasons to live in Colorado, and weed would be at the bottom of the list.

(While camping)…..Is everyone having a hard time finding a signal?

Those of us who live here know that that sometimes, the moment we step outside our homes, there is no cell service. Maybe is has to do with not wanting to junk up nature with cell phone towers. Seriously, get off your phones, take a deep breath, admire Mother Nature and just settle in.

Colorado is a great ride!

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