Winds of Change

It’s here, can you feel it? The Autumn gales have arrived. It’s only the middle of August, but the Hawthorne’s leaves are already turning.

The hay has been cut and the animals are preparing. The earth is winding down and the thrill of summer will soon be gone.

Have you noticed?

The fall is time for gathering. The gathering of the fields, and the gathering of the sheaves. The appreciation of all of our blessings. The appreciation of all that we have harvested in the past year.

Almost a year ago, I moved full time to Cuchara. I lived through, (and loved) my first winter, so I look forward to the coming changes. However, it’s a little frightening when the advance of the seasons begins. Especially going from the smooth, easy breezes of summer, to the gales we live with through in Fall and Winter. They announced themselves with a vengeance last night and I woke to find a patio umbrella had lost it’s life with the onslaught. It’s almost time to batten down the hatches!

Even so, I truly enjoy living in Colorado now where the seasons are very distinct. I think winter is my favorite season here, and when the echos of change ring through the valley, for me it is a time of anticipation and awe.

In the winds heavy breath, I smell ancient time. I feel her urgency and it resonates with my sight, sound and touch. It also frightens me a little because the wind can also be destructive.

The wind can topple trees and snap branches. I’ve always wondered if the trees wince and moan when seasons change and the gales begin. There’s no where for them to hide, but it is reason for their roots to plow themselves deeper and deeper in order to anchor more fiercely to the earth. The winds bring destruction, but also perseverance, patience and virtue. Without the wind, they would not learn to bend and sway, in order to be more flexible and not to snap. If the wind did not test the trees they would neither grow or mature. They would only reside upon the earth like a statue on a pedestal. Easily overthrown, collapsed and and broken.

However, it is also up to us to not give the gale additional weapons of destruction that could easily demolish our lives, livelihood and safety. In theses seasonal changes it is even more urgent that we not be careless with the winds’ destructive force, fire.

It is still too difficult to dwell on the #SpringFire that ravaged our area in 2018. It makes me sick to my stomach. Not only did it destroy acres and acres of wildlife and habitat, for over a week I was nauseated sitting my house house in Fort Worth, not knowing if I would have a home left in Cuchara. God Bless those firefighters!

So take note, in the coming days. Take time to sit a spell and notice the subtle differences. The wheel of nature is constant and we have so so much to gain from following Her lead.

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