After the Snow

I sat on my deck today about an hour before sunset. My log cabin in the mountains faces west and in the afternoon it not only warms my home, but nature’s best sunsets are on display right before my eyes. The snow was melting already on this warm day, and my rocking chairs on my deck were wet. I so badly wanted to sit outside, so I scavanged a folding chair from the basement and headed to a dry spot.

I had made a cup of hot English Tea with cream and sugar, and decided to take my sketch book and some charcoal pencils to pass the time.

It was around 34 degrees outside but the sun warmed my face. I was delighted to be getting my daily dose of D3 from The Source. While my face tanned in the daylight, the cool winter breeze refreshed my whole body in a way that was so dichotomous to the warmth of the sun beaming on my face.

I felt refreshed in a way that was rejuvenating and inspiring.

While bathing in this luminous combination of sunlight and snowy breezes I felt nothing but gratitude. I was being wrapped in a fragile, sunlit, mummy of warmth and joy, even though the outdoor temps were below freezing.

All of us want to know we were put here for a purpose. Designed for goals loftier than we could ever imagine. We are all destined for journeys that will take our breath away, and inspire others.

But we can never, and will never be able to imagine those dreams in full. What the Universe has in store for each of us, when we let go of fear and our predetermined expectations, is much grander than we could ever conjure on our own.

Like the icicles that drip from my roof, once the warmth of the sun heats them, so too are the goals each one of us are destined to discover. One small drip, melting our individual refusals of letting go of the expectations we make for ourselves in life’s journey. One small step, one minuscule drop of water that fills the bucket, as we slowly discover what lies ahead.

As the sun set, I keep a close eye on the horizon. Generally, when there are clouds in the sky, when the sun sets, it is an indication of a glorious sunset. I was not disappointed and captured the moment as it came.

All, in all, it was the end to a glorious day in the mountains!

2 thoughts on “After the Snow

  1. I, too, love the feel of the warm sun on my face even though I am in the cold. (Sounds like a spiritual lesson there.) To this day I am reminded of sitting in lounge chairs on top of the mountain taking a break from skiing…lying there basking.


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