The Trigger and the Recoil

“Sometimes pulling the trigger is harder than the kick back.”

Have you ever wanted to make a move in a different direct but were paralyzed when it came to stepping out and going forward? Did the idea of shedding those unwanted areas of your life were scary only because they were so familiar? Did you question yourself to the point of becoming immobile? Did you try and fail?

We can make all sorts of plans of how we want to start a new jo, buy a new car, end a relationship, or move to a new house, but without action, or goals and dreams remain unattended. Action is the water you feed your plants. It is the rain, that without it, will die.

I remember when I was in Girl Scout camp one summer and took shooting lessons. The recoil of that kick back was a killer. It nearly knocked me silly the first time I pulled the trigger and felt that rifle jolt my body. I was expecting it, but when it happened it shocked me much more than I had imagined. Until I got used to it. Once I built a tolerance to the effort of the gun to thrust me backwards, it got me every time. Sometimes, just knowing it was coming was enough to make me “gun shy”.

However, once I hit the target dead on, for the first time, that recoil was no longer an issue for me. I HIT MY TARGET! It felt good! I did what I had hoped and I no long felt that awful jolt in my arm and shoulder.

A new year and new decade are upon us. That all familiar time of year when we set new goals and then never follow through. Why is that? Why do we want to build a new business, hire an assistant, work out more or simply kick an old habit, but find ourselves pushed back into the same old routines?

I believe it is our fear of the kick back. It is our apprehension of the recoil and our lack of commitment to pull the trigger. We are afraid before we even begin. It is fear. Fear of he unknown, fear of letting go of the familiar and fear of doing things outside of our normal routine.

It takes committment and follow through, just like it does to pull that trigger. Without action, our dreams and hopes and aspirations will go nowhere. They simply become items on a list that get discarded. When that happens we have made our committment to stay uninspired,, unmoved and unchanged.

Do you have dreams for yourself that have gone unfulfilled? Are your hopes diminished simply because you cannot pull the trigger? The universe is waiting for you to take that first step. Make the leap, take that first step. Commit yourself fully so there is no turning back. Sure, you might fail. You might miss your goal by a milestone, but you also might hit it right on target!

You will succeed at some point. You may have to try and try again, but what else are you going to do with your time. Give up? I certainly hope not. However long it takes, once you succeed all else will pale in comparison.

That leap of faith, that universal trust, that totally new direction you’ve been wanting to explore are there. They are waiting, waiting for you to let go of the fear and dread and look forward to the change with hopeful anticipation. Turn your anxiety into excitement. Use the nervousness you feel to guide you toward that which you desire to grasp. You will know the right time, and it will guide you to a new course, and a new way of looking at the world around you.

Start little. Take a new route to work. Order a new food at dinner. Once you begin trying new things outside your comfort zone, adventures become easier. The road become straighter and the world seems a little sweeter.

Pulling the trigger is the hard part. The recoil is nothing.

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