The Pain of Waiting

Why is it we ache for time to move swiftly? Why do we hate being barricaded behind some one on the road who drives like their grandmother? Why do we hate to wait in lines at the airport, ski lifts, or the doctor’s office?

I know for a fact, if I am in a hurry, I will get stuck in the longest line at Walmart, and the slowest person on the freeway. My question is, though, why do we need to do everything so fast. Why can’t I slow down and accept the bumps in the road as they come. I mean, have you ever passed some one on the road and then ended up at the same stop light together, 200 yards up the street?

On the other hand, why does the Universe favor patience? I do not know the answers but I do know the flow of the cosmos is never in a hurry and never in need to do things epediently.

Eckhardt Tolle says “Waiting is a state of mind. Being in a hurry, basically means you want the future, you don’t want the present. You don’t want what you’ve got, and you want what you haven’t got. With every kind of waiting, you unconsciously create inner conflict between your here and now….and the projected future. This greatly reduces the quality of your life.”

It makes me so sad when I’m driving and I have someone on my tail, or pass me and give me the evil eye, or worse, because I was going too slow. I too, am in a hurry sometimes, but I am learning to let go of being late, or rather not the 5 mins early which is late in my book.

It never fails, if I am in a hurry, I will arrive at my destination at precisely the same moment I would have, if I had not hurried. The stress of fighting against time is not a battle that any of us can win.

I’ve learned through my YIN yoga practice, which consists of 3 to 5 minutes holds, to rest in that hold, through the discomfort and the waiting. It is only in the prolonged use of the present that the body can do its work.

I further believe that when we are in a hurry, we also are living and moving in weakness. To live in the present, is to own ones existence in the very moment that it is provided. Doing so, gives us individual strength and power to fully cooperate with the Higher Being that rules our world.

To remain content, amidst the chaos and to resist the temptation to always run the race at full speed, is to give credit and thanks to what we have, who we are, and what surrounds us in the present moment!

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