Bike Etiquette

Recently, I was hiking with my family up Baker Creek and ran into 3 mountain bikers coming down the trail. It was a tight spot and didn’t allow for 2 dogs, 3 bikes and a baby in a backpack.

So who had the right of way?

If you are biking currently at the mountain park, or on any Colorado trail that is not specifically for mountain bikes, bikers should do their utmost to let your fellow trail users know they’re coming — a friendly greeting or bell ring are good methods. Try to anticipate other trail users as you ride around corners. Bicyclists should yield to other non-motorized trail users, unless the trail is clearly signed for bike-only travel. Bicyclists traveling downhill should yield to ones headed uphill, unless the trail is clearly signed for one-way or downhill-only traffic. In general, strive to make each pass a safe and courteous one.

In our case, the mountain bikers yielded to us because we were going up hill. This is the rule of the trail and all parties should be aware of who is to yield in order for hikers and bikers to both be safe.!

When hikers and bikers do cross paths, remember the rule of thumb, those going down, yield to those coming up. And if a bike comes up from behind a hiker, be sure to let them know you are there and whether you are on their left or right. It’s amazing how silent bikes can be, you don’t want to surprise someone.

Hiking and biking are fun ways to get exercise and hang out with friends. Let’s just all the cognizant of each other and above all, be respectful!

If everyone abides by the rules of the trail, we will all have fun. I’m so grateful to the bikers who let us pass last weekend. It was a very narrow section and everyone was respectful. They had ridden all the way from Forbes Park in Garland. So if you guys are out there, thank you!

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