Meet VP of Cuchara Hermosa, Patti Gearhart Turner

Please welcome Patti Turner, our illustrious Vice President of for Cuchara Hermosa. Patti will be conducting our business meeting at the luncheon on Wednesday. This will include electing officers and committee chairs for the upcoming year.

Patti is married to her sweet husband Randy. They met in college in Denton, Texas and following graduate school, they moved to Fort Worth, where they have lived for 41 years – and where they both practice law. She plans to retire at the end of August and has spent the last 21 years with Texas Wesleyan School of Law and Texas Wesleyan University where she currently is the chief of staff and general counsel for the university. Teaching is a love of hers as well and she is fortunate to have taught as an adjunct professor at TCU, Texas Wesleyan School of Law, and at Texas Wesleyan University. She learned to teach online this year proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

She and her family have been visiting Cuchara for about 25 years with their friends, Greg and Karen Russell, but only found their cabin in 2019. Working remotely from the cabin made the Covid year more tolerable and gave them precious time in their new mountain home. Linn Jencopale recruited her to be Vice President this year for Hermosa. I am learning on-the-job and appreciate seasoned members’ patience with my ignorance!

Patti and Randy in Cuchara

Their family includes one son, Randall, who just spent his 30th birthday with them in Cuchara. They also have two dogs and two cats – all rescues, who are happy to make the road trip with us to the mountains.


Patti and Son, Randall

Hobbies include travel, reading, scuba diving, and volunteering and kitty cats!

If you have an idea for a fundraising event, please contact Patti and let her know!

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