Meet Beautification Chair, Amanda Holleman

Amanda Holleman, her husband Billy, their 2 sons, and their mini Aussie are aspiring “Rounders” who split their time between Cuchara and Austin, TX.

Amanda served as a public school teacher and librarian for 20 years.

She is passionate about environmental preservation, native plants, community building, reading, the arts, and education. She has sponsored her school’s Green Team, served as the Zero Waste Block Captain, and volunteered with Keep Austin Beautiful for several years in addition to being an avid hiker and all around nature lover.

Amanda and husband Billy

Ideas for Beautification include:

Gardening day labor sharing with neighbors helping neighbors to pull weeds, dig holes, etc.

Litter pick up events

Recycling bin by Park and rec center or recycling collection days

Public art installation (honoring the Native American history and heritage of Cuchara)

Revitalization of Wildflower Trail at Farley Overlook at Cordova Pass

Hike and bike trail along Hwy 12?

Continued mulching of playground and installation of natural playground at CMP

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