Mission Wolfe

Nestled on a mountain top near Westcliff is one of the most amazing wild animal rescues in southern Colorado. Perfect for a day trip from Cuchara, Walsenburg or La Veta, Mission Wolfe is a not for profit that rescues wolves and lets them live their lives close to what it would be like in the wild.

Mission Wolfe was closed during 2020 but is now open and welcomes tourists everyday.

It’s not easy to find, it is located 13 miles up a dirt road near Westcliff and it’s easy to pass without every noticing until you are lost, but it’s worth the effort and searching.

The wolves are each on 1 to 2 acres each and there are 2 “playpens” that are over 10 acres each. The abundant space allows the wolves to explore new smells and stretch their legs.

On my first visit, I witnessed the volunteers getting ready to feed the animals. If you have the time, you should call ahead and find out what day of the week they feed. It is quite an experience.

At the end of the self guided tour, the owner/head of Mission Wolfe sat down with all of us to give us instructions on “wolfe language” and how to act around them. Then we were taken into an enclosure with two somewhat domesticated wolves and alowedto hang out. It was a little scary at first, but when the wolves showed interest and wanted to be petted, it was an exhilarating experience.

We even learned that one of the older wolves was used as a template for the wolves in the vampire series in movie theaters a few years ago. I could tell exactly which wolf that was just by looking at him.

All in all, it was a thrilling day, especially if you are a dog person. I took one of my dog show peeps and she enjoyed herself immensely.

Keep in mind that Mission Wolfe survives on donations to keep it afloat, so don’t just visit, give a monetary donation of any kind to help them with their work! It’s worth it!

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