Meet Melissa Keane, Cuchara Hermosa Membership Chair

This summer (for the first time in three decades!), Melissa was able to spend more than the generally hectic two weeks at her cabin. During the Cuchara Art Show, Pamela Ward persuaded her (gently) to take up the duties of Membership Chairman, an appropriate assignment for someone who has been in/out of Cuchara Hermosa since the early 1990s.

My former husband, John Keane, and I purchased our cabin on The Parkway in January 1992. Here’s a photo from 1994, the year that son Dan won the July Fourth Fun Run.

Both of these munchkins are now married with children of their own, and travel “back home” to Cuchara from their adventures across the Americas and across the Pacific Ocean.

After spending her childhood in Tucson and Scottsdale, Melissa got to Texas “as fast as I could” to attend Rice University. Her career as a consulting archaeologist and historian has taken her from Texas back to Arizona, then to San Francisco and Far West Texas, and now back to Austin. This photo was taken on a survey of Palo Duro Canyon a few years ago.

Melissa is looking forward to working with all the Cuchara Hermosa volunteers and getting to know members!

Next year we will be mailing membership renewals to anyone who doesn’t have internet in Cuchara. So, let us know who needs their membership renewal mailed, and we will be happy to do so. Anyone else can join electronically, or on the website.

Please welcome Melissa!

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