New Year, New Wine

There’s an old saying in the Bible about not putting new wine in old wine skins. It’s not recommended. New wine is more acidic than wine that has been sitting for a while. Older wine has had time to air, smooth and become easier to palate.

Some of us, as we mature, begin to flavor our lives with wisdom and knowledge. We age in a way that softens our tempermant and smooths our rough edges. We learn patience, perseverance. We learn to take one day at a time, sometimes on moment at a time, trodding one foot in front of the other.

We also learn to rest. To take a break, to ease up on our busy schedules in a way that allows us to reflect.

I am always anxious when it comes to flipping a new year on the calendar. What have I learned, what do I want to learn going forward. How is it I want to change. Do I want to change? Do I not?

The cycles of the seasons, keep us moving between becoming stale and becoming transformed. It’s an opportunity to move forward with enlivened insight and enthusiasm, Winter is typically a time of rest and relaxation. When its cold and bitter outside, the time of year gives us ample opportunity to anticipate which roads we choose before Spring and Summer arrive with all their business and chaos.

Old wine skins wear out, they wear thin. They can’t contain new wine without leaking. So too, the wear and tear of our old ways of thinking may be outdated.

So this New Year, remember to refresh your cup. That means look at what you’ve learned in the past year and make a new plan going forward. What lessons has the pandemic taught you? What life lessons have brought you fresh ideas and a new perspective? How are you different in 2022 than you were in 2021? What changes do you want to make?

Or do you just need rest? Do you need to do a hard reset and give yourself time to age. Not age, as in getting older, but age as in the same way a bottle of fine wine ages in the cast. It is perfectly fine to give ourselves a break from the everyday and reflect on what the last year has given us and taken away. Quiet your mind and sit a spell……

3 thoughts on “New Year, New Wine

  1. Every January 1 is a time of reflection for me. I get out my calendar and I write God a letter thanking Him for the previous year, His continuous provision & blessings in my life.


  2. Excellent Joanna! There’s an old Celtic celebration called Samhain where you choose photos of the past year that indicate things you are grateful for in the past year. Reflecting is good, especially on the positive!


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