An Angel on My Shoulder!

I had an accident this week on Hwy 12. I was headed into La Veta and just as I got to the flat straight party of Hwy 12 I began to fishtail and spin out of control. I managed to stay on the road and ride it out and fortunately no other cars were coming in either direction.

I didn’t end up in the ditch either side of the road which is what I was afraid of while my car was out of control!

However, when I was coming out of La Veta, that same morning, I was very cautious and was going much slower than I normally would. When I got to the spot where I had fishtailed coming into town I saw a swirl or semi tornado activity and I slowed to a stop. About that time, I saw a large pickup truck heading the other direction lose control of his vehicle, swerve into the bar ditch, hit the fence and then came across the highway directly headed towards my vehicle. As I braced myself for impact, and closed my eyes, the last thing I was was a pick up headed, head on into my vehicle.

When I opened my eyes I was astonished that my car was intact, my airbag had not deployed and the only damage was my driver side mirror. I was astonished.

A very polite and concerned gentlemen came to my aide and was immediately concerned that I had been hurt in some way. I hadn’t. But the fact that our two cars collided and the only damage was to both of our side view mirrors was a miracle. Absolutely astounding that neither of us were hurt and there wasn’t even a scratch to our cars other than the mirrors! Truly a miracle!

In hindsight I feel like I’ve had an epiphany to let me know that I still have work to do on this earth. There’s no reason why I should not have been seriously injured in this accident. Sometimes all of life right now feels like we are living an epic myth, like we are standing on our front porch and watching a jet headed for our house in slow motion, (or a pick up truck ready to smash into us head on), and we can’t move. We can only stare as it heads toward our own demise.

I have looked my destruction, what would have been a miserable end . . . straight in the eye and accepted it into my life, and my love of life has not been diminished. . . .I’m not sure yet what my life’s purpose may be at this stage, but I have a feeling it has to do with what I bring to the table and that powerful words can change our way of thinking.

I am here. I belong here. I have a role to play still.

If you have found my blog inspiring, please give me a follow and I promise to inspire you in the future. God’s not done with me yet!

4 thoughts on “An Angel on My Shoulder!

  1. Thank God you are okay Lynette! I cannot imagine the terror you felt. Your work here is certainly NOT done!


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