Blow Me Down

Ahead of a coming storm, the wind whips my home and the trees that surround me. It’s fierceness lashes through their limbs threatening to break them. It is at times like this, I feel like my log cabin could be demolished as easily as a child’s game of , “Pick Up Sticks”.

The trunks of the trees, and delicate branches, dance and shift and bend with the forceful gusts.

It’s then, it occurs to me, that just perhaps, the terra firma enjoys this dance. For, in their strength and permanence, they are bound so tightly to the ground, they cannot move on their own. They cannot stretch and yawn and reach. They are cuffed to the soil and even though they grow, it is with such slow determination that the naked eye cannot see.

Sometimes, even our own bodies, become stiffened with time, unable to bend and flow in our everyday movements. It is at these times I choose yoga to loosen that which is congested in me and give my body space. To open my spine and lengthen my muscles. I choose long held movements that seem stationary from an observer, but eventually begin the process of forcing the body to let go.

So does the tree, when it supposedly is being chastised by a fierce wind, welcome it’s force? In actuality does it allow for the flow of once congested energy to open and unfold? Does the slow, painful movement give their bodies the anticipated room to breath and expand?

At other times, when the gust and the tree collide, sometimes the tree breaks. At it’s weakest points, the tree cannot withstand the force of the storm. So it is with our bodies. When we are forced to bend to our breaking point. It is the lack of mobility that has been stored inside our bodies that causes us to break.

So, remember to move, to open the arms and legs and torso. Let life give you space and flexibility. Go with the slow, flow of life, just as the trunks of the trees, which seem so stationary, dance with delight with the fierceness of nature’s breath.

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