My Chosen Husbandry

“I will reveal, without concealment, (clean water, fresh air, wild birds and trout, yellow daisies and peonies), Sufficient clothes and food and a chance to sit at times, praying God in each place”.— St. Manchan, “Prayer”

It should not take much in life to find ourselves contented. Enough food and clothes to wear is essential, but beyond that measure it is only those things that show us God’s creation that should make us crave that which is already given.

Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit and absorb the fresh air, the view of the mountains, the wildflowers, blowing in the wind, all while enjoying the sun or cool breeze on my face.

In our consumerist society we often go after more and more, when our plenty is what we already have. We become hoarders and collectors instead of using our commodities.

Yet, when we have attained success and all these treasures and we hoard our plenty, it is the others, that we take for granted. Life’s greatest gifts are squandered while their immensity is their value.

When I have time, and the weather cooperates, one of my favorite daily tasks it to take my yoga practice outside on the deck. While on my back I can watch at the clouds move above me, in a slow dance of sorts that drifts by my meditative eyes. It is one of the true pleasures in my life when I slow down enough, to take the time to enjoy it. My spirit and my body benefit as does God’s creation in it’s delight of my appreciation.

“How can we truly appreciate what we have? Learning to live with enough, rather than with indulgence, may help us balance the availability of all things, help us refrain from using more than we need.” Caitlin Matthews, “Daily Meditations for the Turning Year”

Today, I appreciate the plenty that I enjoy and give thanks!

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