Rain, Rain, Rain, Blessed Rain

“Man owes his existence to 1 inch of topsoil, and the fact that it rains” — Unknown

When the rains softly taps on my metal roof in my little log cabin, I get this unrecognized nostalgia for something that must go way, way back in my psyche. The sound is comforting and soothing and makes me feel like the earth is being bathed in some sort of healing, homemade balm. Well, it is actually. We need rain in our area right now, so there are healing qualities to the blessed drenching while forests have become so dry and in fear of fire.

As I write, today is it raining, more of a drizzle really and 37 degrees. I took the dogs out for a walk and was astounded by the beauty of the raindrops on the grass. Isn’t it amazing how the earth feeds itself? It is a miracle of nature and one that should not go unappreciated.

When it rains in the Spring in the mountains, it’s time to bundle up under a blanket, build a fire and sink into a good book. It’s Nature’s way of replenishing the ground and should also be a time for us to make way for a return to self, our passions, our hopes and our dreams. What could be better than a dreamy day with nothing better to do than listening to the raindrops hitting the roof and feeling the thunder bounce off the mountains. It is a cacophony of sound charged with electrical impulses. It can soothe and heal our minds and emotions.

So next time it rains, take a moment, to allow yourself to drench your senses in the motor skills of Mother Nature. Let it’s shrouded mystery entertain you while it waters the earth. Give thanks and rest in the gratitude of knowing that the gifts that brings this sprinkling shall bloom and grow only when the Heaven’s bathe the earth in it never ending cycle of rain and sun, clouds and mist, growth and splendor……..

Without water, life stops.

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