Bee’s and Other Polinators

I had a couple days this week that allowed me to do my part to save the bees. Because it is now summer, it was time to take all my flower pots outside for the summer. While moving my hanging baskets from the garage to the patio, I noticed a large bumblebee near the window. I wanted to get him/her outside where it belonged. One, so it could continue pollinating, and two, so it could eventually get back to its hive. It seemed sleepy and confused so I thought the chance of being stung was slim.

The dandelions in my yard have been prolific this year and I know not to mow them while they are flowering. It’s the pollinator’s first food of the season. I see lots of bees in my yard when I am walking the dogs. This makes me so, so happy! There are those who think dandelions are pesky little things, but to me, my yard looks like something Monet would have painted, instead of water lilies.

Back to finding the bumblebee in my garage. Since it was so sleepy, I figured if I was gentle, it wouldn’t sting me, so I grabbed a twig, let it climb on, and carried him outside. I don’t see too many bumblebees so I definitely wanted it alive and well.

The very next day, as the dogs were going in and out, a honeybee found it’s way into my living room. It was not sleepy, but feisty and wanted out. I removed one of the screens on my front window and decided it would be best if I had it climb onto a fly swatter and then usher it outside. But this was not to be the last of the honeybees that day! Another was in my dining room later that afternoon. Perhaps, they were all attracted to my flowers I had set out that morning, and the dogs were doing a lot of coming and going through the front door.

Anyway, since I’d never had this happen before, and I had 3 bees in 2 days, I thought it might be a message regarding the symbolism of bees. Here’s what the World Wide Web had to say:

What does it mean when bees come to your house?

“Seeing a bee in your home is usually seen as a positive message that will bring joy and good luck. The bee can be a sign that you have a warm and welcoming home, or that prosperity is coming your way.”

So, if bees are good luck, I have triple the luck I did the day before. If you find one wandering in your home, take note! It could just be a message from Heaven. Help them get back outside, gently. I could have easily been stung 3 times in one day, but I took my time, was gentle, and the little, blessed insects lived to pollinate my flower garden for the summer!

I am always aware that without the bees, we could not grow our own food.

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