The Divineness of Nature

The mountains, forests, streams and valleys are anything but a vacuous and lifeless form of humanity. They flourish and grow among us as breathing creations. A nature of shallow existence is simply not the case. Mother Nature never has been exempt from the spiritual realm and the Holy.

Have you ever gotten angry and tried to calm your woes by taking a walk? Of course! We all have experienced nature’s healing qualities when we want to recalibrate and recharge. Mother Nature has a way of restoring our souls and our minds.

Cuchara has many visitors in the summertime, many of whom I bet come here for the peace and calm that is sometimes lost in the city. But they also come for the beauty, the clean air and water, the blueness of the sky, and the majestic mountains!

One of our amazing features is the dark sky. Being able to observe the Milky Way with the naked eye is not something one can observe in a metropolitan area. When the moon is new, and the skies are dark, the sheer magnitude of the starlit sky is a wonder. A spiritual wonder that sends our mind imagining the magnificence of creation, and endless possibilities!

I hope you visit here because you need recharging. You need to find yourself anew and discover the beauty that surrounds us here. Sometimes, just like our phones, we all need a hard reset. Let nature do that for you. It is always waiting for you to discover it!

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